The New Logo for Sleeve-A-Message

Saint Louis, MO (February 19, 2018) –  A company logo is a big part of its first impression because it acts as a consumer’s first look at an offer. The logo is the main visual point of everything the company presents, from the main header on the website to the identifying image of the company on every social media platform. These avenues create and reinforce brand awareness at every stage of the buying process, so it is of paramount importance that the logo is bold, clean, and recognizable.

Sleeve-A-Message routinely places their company artwork on custom drink coasters, as well as custom coffee sleeves. They recognize the value of a visual medium. That’s why the company is excited to show off their new, modern logo. The new design has a sleek and stylish Lato typeface with two shades of blues that contrast nicely with the simple white background. Sleeve looks to always add value to the products it sells to customers, and cosmetic improvement as well.  The logo shows that Sleeve can also do for itself what it offers its clients.  

There is a secondary advantage to Sleeve-A-Message redoing its logo.  The business wanted to show off the skills of its design team, which is surprisingly unknown. While Sleeve is adept at physical advertising, the logo shows how Sleeve excels at visual advertising as well. One additional positive was the idea of growth and reinvention.  The new logo represents a keeping up with evolving consumer demands.

Sleeve A Message

543 Hanley Ind. Ct, Suite 201, Brentwood, MO 63144


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